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X-COM: Apocalypse

MicroProse Software released X-COM: Apocalypse in the year 1997; it's an old science fiction strategy game, part of the X-COM series. X-COM: Apocalypse is NOT abandonware, runs on DOS and can be played in single player mode.
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NOT abandonware (why?)

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Additional info

During the creation of Apocalypse, Mythos Games created the game but MicroProse wanted to create the graphics. Julian Gollop called the relationship "disastrous", and said of the game "It was a disaster area. Apocalypse was quite a sophisticated and ambitious game, but it was a big mistake from our point of view. In retrospect, we should have originally agreed to do a sequel in six months, and spent a year doing it, like they did! It would've been a lot better."

Originally, the game was going to be much larger and be even more in-depth, with political intrigue helping to bring the city of Mega-Primus to life. An unimplemented weapon called the Tracker Gun could be fired at an unsuspecting enemy, attaching some kind of tracer onto his clothes. The person could then be trailed around the city by one or more X-COM agents. All of this political intrigue was cut down to the bare bones due to the following constraints.

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