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Afterlife is a simulation strategy game developed and published by LucasArts. It was released in 1996 for Microsoft Windows and later made available on other platforms. The game was designed by Michael Stemmle and was known for its unique take on the simulation genre.
Afterlife puts players in the role of a semi-divine being responsible for developing and managing the afterlife. The game features two realms, Heaven and Hell, each with its own set of challenges and responsibilities. Players must build and manage various zones, accommodate different souls, and maintain a balance between virtues and sins.
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Afterlife review

Computer Gaming World (1996): "In the end (grin), if you like this sort of simulation in general, you will probably have a great time in the afterlife. If SIMCITY put you to sleep, the humor of AFTERLIFE might keep you awake for a little while. And when you're not busy laughing, you'll have a great time playing Demiurge and doling out rewards and punishments in the afterlife."

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Status: NOT abandonware
Input: keyboard, mouse
Distributed on: cd-rom, download
Abandonware DOS views: 14399


  • mpbmke 06/06/2023 00:34
    I can't believe this game never got a spiritual successor (pun not intended, but should have been). It was a fun concept, the voice acting was great, it just might have been trying to do a little bit more than a Pentium 1 could reasonably handle. Great Death Star cameo if you got too greedy, though.
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