Abandonware DOS title

Collecting big box PC games

I own a small collection of old games from the era of those wonderful big boxes full of letters, maps, object, feelies. I own RPGs mostly, but also a few simulations, a couple of adventure games, strategy games, etc.. From time to time I like to look at these old boxes. I take my time to open them, read everything inside and remember the childhood afternoons spent fighting headless creatures or sailing through space.

How can you start a game collection? Where can you look for old games, possibly at a reasonable price?

Let me give you some advice. Gaming forums are full of people selling and buying old games. The Retro Gamer Forums are a good example. If you're looking for a quicker way, eBay is also one of the best places to search for retro games.

Off the Internet, you can check the video games shops in your city (if there are any...), they may have a warehouse full of old stuff: try asking, you may be lucky. Also, check for shops or events where people seel used items: flea markets, thrift shops, garage sales are good places to look for old games.