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Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy

Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy is a fantasy/steampunk adventure video game developed by Virtual Studio and released by Microids in 1999 for Windows, Mac and Playstation platforms. Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy is an adventure video game developed by Microïds and released in 1999. The game was created by Benoît Sokal, a Belgian comic book artist and video game designer known for his work on the Syberia series. Amerzone is notable for its immersive storytelling and unique graphical style.
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Retro gamer collector's corner:

In the DVD-ROM rerelease of the game the cutscenes were in MPEG2 format instead of Smacker video. The DVD-ROM version saw further rereleases, some of them by Mindscape, some of them as bargain-priced pack-ins with other adventure titles.

The official strategy guide, Amerzone: Strategies & Secrets was released in June 1999. In addition to a walkthrough of the game, it contains a guide to the Amerzone universe, an interview with Sokal and some behind-the-scenes information. Another book, Amerzone: Memoirs of an Expedition, was put out by Casterman in November 1999.

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Additional info about Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy

Status: NOT abandonware
Input: mouse, keyboard
Distributed on: cd-rom, dvd
Also published for: PlayStation
Abandonware DOS views: 5999


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