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Axe of Rage

Axe of Rage (also known as Barbarian 2: Dungeons of Drax) is an abandoned action game developed by Palace Software and released by Epyx in 1989. Axe of Rage runs on DOS. Download the game here. Axe of Rage is part of the Barbarian game series.

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Axe of Rage reviews

"Axe of Rage (a.k.a. Barbarian II) is a medieval quest come beat'em up. Choose your character from a Sonny look alike caveman or a Cher in a brass bra (Lordy! Ed.), then set off across four levels in search of Drax's Inner Sanctum. By the time you get to there, you'll have battled againts a range of nasties whose idea of a friendly greeting is to bite your head off. The use of flip screen graphics spoils the combat somewhat. Fighting at the edge means fighting something you can't see, a mite tricky I'm sure you'll have to agree. Despite fairly detailed graphics Barbarian II is pretty standard beat'em up fare which doesn't quite sustain your interest for the duration." - Zero Magazine (1990)


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Additional info about Axe of Rage

Also known as: Barbarian 2: Dungeons of Drax

Input: joystick, keyboard

Abandonware DOS views: 9135


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