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Battle Arena Toshinden

Battle Arena Toshinden was the first game in the Toshinden series and was originally released for the Sony PlayStation in 1995 and later for DOS. Battle Arena Toshinden introduced 3D graphics to the fighting game genre, allowing characters to move in a three-dimensional space.
The game featured a diverse roster of eight playable characters, each with their own unique weapons and fighting styles. Players could perform basic attacks, combos, and special moves, including powerful super moves that could be unleashed when a character's health was low.
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Battle Arena Toshinden review

PC Zone (2001): "At first, this is all very spectacular and impressive, but after a while you long for a bit of simple hand-to-hand violence, instead of people stabbing each other with 70-foot pikes and shooting exocet missiles from their arse. It's a bit too easy to hit people from miles away and the fireballs are relatively easy to set off, and a bit too effective. This might be just fine and dandy as far as you're concerned, but really they might just as well carry guns and be done with it. This is true to the original game, of course, but it still leaves something to be desired as a beat 'em up. If they'd just left it as a no-frills sword-fighting game, it would have been a lot better."

Retro gamer collector's corner:

During the late 1990s, the game was followed by three sequels, Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Battle Arena Toshinden 3, and Toshinden 4, as well as a spin-off game Battle Arena Nitoshinden.

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Additional info about Battle Arena Toshinden

Status: abandonware
Input: keyboard, joystick
Distributed on: cd-rom
Also published for: PlayStation
Abandonware DOS views: 4895


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