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Business simulator

Business simulator is an abandoned simulation game developed by Reality Technologies and released by Reality Technologies in 1987. Business simulator runs on DOS. Download the game here.

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Main executable file (run this to play the game): busisim/BS.EXE

DOS Games can't run on Windows. You need an emulator such as DOSbox and/or a front-end like D-Fend Reloaded. Follow these instructions to run DOS games on Windows systems.


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Input: keyboard

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  • Mike - 11/05/2020 17:48
    Agree Karl! I first encountered this simulator in college in about 1987. Found it in one of the computer labs that had fancy 80386 Compaq desktops. Was being used as learning tool for a management class. Had to do a write up each week on plans for the next day with justification and evaluate results. I was not in the class but found it quite interesting.

    I really miss the graphing. As I remember there were lines in config.sys needed to enable that part of the game. Out in the garage somewhere is my old IBM XT. If only I could get that running again!
  • Karl Braun - 25/11/2016 06:12
    Fellow Humans!!! This is the greatest game (simulator) OF ALL TIME over all platforms , hands down. I just had a fond memory pop into mind and had to check the status of it; this simulator has had one of the most profound effects and lasting happy memories of my lifetime ... a simple DOS-based game in 1987 it provided thousands of hours of fun, and as ten year old I didn't yet realize the importance of the fundamental buisnesss principles it builds within oneself. I'm going to download this immediately and am beyond excited to play once again!! I believe the original name was "Venture's Buisness Sinulator" , and I ran it on a 7.4mhz 8088, with a monochrome b/y monitor !! 10^10 out of 10 stars!!!!! as to The gentleman that requested help on finding tutorials or manuals for this game, my simple response is that the game or simulator is actually the tutorial itself, it needs no other outside documentation and it does also provide some help steps with the F1 button I believe, but again the game is the tutorial, the game TEACHES YOU HOW TO PLAY ITSELF - just start and go and keep repeating ! The problem with today's modern way of thinking in regards to software is that everybody asks for a manual, or instructions, and has stoped trying to think on their own, by diving in and learning through trial and error... that was the fun and challenge of it, loosing and mistakes lead you to truely learn how to improve and get better and win!!!
    software that is high-quality especially as ultra high-quality and originality as this game/simulator, was designed and written to be the teacher of its own Content. Also... if anybody is interested in reverting back to a day when people learned from their software and not had to be slaves to it - UNBUNTU - drop your OS and become part of what Unix/Lynix started off doing, software for the people, written by people , that works with the hardware it was intended for. I just became a true believer....
  • NOOB - 21/12/2015 19:53
    Does anybody know how to get the program to find the tutorial files correctly? When I run this form DosBox it can't find many of the files that are needed for tutorials, analyses, and graphic reports.
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