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Conflict is an abandoned DOS simulation game set in Middle East, developed by Mastertronic, designed by David Eastman and published by Virgin Interactive in 1990. It's available for download.
Conflict screenshot
conflictmiddleeast-2.jpg - DOS
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What magazines wrote about it

"The CGA version is... well... monochrome really. If you've got EGA you are treated to a bit of colour in the maps. To be honest though, it doesn't make a hello of a lot of difference either way. If you have a mouse installed you can use it to select the menu options, but the cursor keys are quick enough. Not the most excting game of 1989, but very absorbing - and at this price yo can't go wrong!" - ACE magazine

"The game takes the form of various turns, during which you can alter relations with any of your neighbouring countries by making nice conciliatory noises, funding insurrection, building up your armies, or just reading the papers. Once your turn is completed, the computer takes the turns for the other players and reports on their actions. Those of you who've ever played the old 8-Bit classic Football Manager will have some idea of what Conflict is like. I suspect that it didn't need any revolutionary programming techniques, but for such a straightforward and simple idea it works surprisingly well. For those of you sat counting the paperclips during your lunch hour while the PC sits idle on the desk, this one is a must. Come to think of it, for anyone with a PC it's a must." - Zero Magazine Issue 06 (1990)


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Input: keyboard

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