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Crusader: No Regret

Origin Systems released Crusader: No Regret in the year 1996; it's an old science fiction shooter game, part of the Crusader series. Crusader: No Regret is NOT abandonware, runs on DOS and can be played in single player mode.
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NOT abandonware (why?)

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On the first game's CD a file named HELP3.DAT can be found. If the filename extension is changed to BMP the file turns out to be a bitmap file showing the face of one of the game's developers, Eric Wilmar.

If No Regret is played while the computer's date is set to December 25, an evil demonic elves mix of the Christmas carols "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", "Jingle Bells", and "Frosty the Snowman" are substituted to the normal tracks. Additionally, some graphics are replaced with Christmas-themed versions, such as a version of the Silencer wearing a Santa hat, and the LMC guards shouting "Merry Christmas, silencer!" before attacking.

Crusader has several references to Origin's Wing Commander series and is also referenced by other games.

No Regret begins 46 hours after the events in No Remorse. A WEC freighter headed for the Moon picks up the Silencer's escape pod, and the Captain, upon moonfall, makes contact with the local Resistance.

players: single player

input: joystick, keyboard, mouse

distribution: cd-rom

graphics: SuperVGA, Vesa

sound: Ensoniq soundscape, Gravis Ultrasound, Sound Blaster

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