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Decision at Gettysburg

Decision at Gettysburg is an abandoned strategy game set in North America developed by TigLon Software and released by TigLon Software in 1990. Decision at Gettysburg runs on DOS. Download the game here.

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Decision at Gettysburg reviews

Computer Gaming World issue 70 (1990): "Subtitled "a user-friendly strategic simulation", Decision at Gettysburg lives up to most of that promise. This richly detailed wargame is fairly easy to manage, but the trouble is that there may be too much battle to worry about! You can play either side as the human player and the graphics are first rate (almost breathtaking), clearly indicating the troops, terrain and action unfolding with panoramic imagery (wargamers will find it all quite dramatic). With plenty of nice features, the only real drawback is that each and every unit must be moved one space at a time across a huge map, which is quite tedious"

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