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Driller (a.k.a. Space station oblivion)

In Driller, you control an excavation probe in a real 3d environment, through a first person view. The goal of the game is to place a drilling rig in each of the 8 regions of the moon Mitral.
Driller (a.k.a. Space station oblivion) screenshot
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Driller was the first game to use the Freescape engine, which allowed the production of full three-dimensional environments using filled polygons. The same engine was used for Driller's sequel, Dark Side, as well as Total Eclipse, The Sphinx Jinx, Castle Master and Castle Master II: The Crypt.

The game can be considered a precursor to the modern first-person shooter. Although examples of first-person shooters can be found dating back to the early 1980s, this was the first game on mainstream home computers that permitted free 360 degree movement within an open area with filled polygon 3D graphics. It was considered an exceptional feat, especially on the 8-bit Spectrum, C64 and CPC, as these computers were seen to be incapable of producing 3D graphics with this kind of detail, although the 8-bit versions produced frame rates of around 1-2fps that would be considered unacceptable today.

In 1991, Domark released 3D Construction Kit which allowed games to be produced based on the Freescape engine with no programming knowledge. This was then followed by 3D Construction Kit II.

players: single player

input: keyboard, joystick

graphics: CGA, EGA, Hercules, Tandy

sound: PC speaker

Abandonware DOS popularity: low

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