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Empire: Wargame of the Century

Empire: Wargame of the Century is an abandoned turn-based strategy game designed by Walter Bright, developed by Northwest Software and released by Interstel Corporation in 1987. Empire: Wargame of the Century runs on DOS. Empire: Wargame of the Century is part of the Empire game series.
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Additional info about Empire: Wargame of the Century

Status: abandonware
Input: keyboard, mouse
Distributed on: 5,25 floppy disk
Abandonware DOS views: 14175
Series: Empire: Wargame of the Century is part of the Empire series.


  • John 24/08/2018 15:45
    This is not the Walter Bright version, who wrote Empire Deluxe. This is the Bob Norby version ported from DECUS/VAX written in FORTRAN. He released three versions. 4.6 ( Character based, requires ANSI.SYS or this archive has a TSR named NANSI ( New ANSI ). This is version 5.0 without the documentation ( EMPIRE.DOC), and finally he released a version 5.1 that supported Color Text. All of Norby's ports were based on FORTRAN, and were text character based, and required ANSI.SYS. ( or there was an option to run on a DEC Rainbow. )

    I wrote the batch file called go.bat, and uploaded both version 4.6, and version 5.1 but it seems they are both lost.
  • Rob 18/01/2018 22:48
    I found this game with its very basic interface strangely addictive and played it for years. I recently found it on this site (thanks!) and have played it on Windows 10 64-bit with a Dos emulator (vDOS). I still prefer it to the later, more colorful, versions.
  • Mark 03/09/2017 19:15
    here you go Eric.. still play it on Windows 10 :)
  • ERIC GARDNER 19/06/2016 16:19
    I played Empire for many years before my old 386 finally gave up the ghost. The version that I played was just myself against the computer. I would REALLY like to get a copy of it to play on my new Dell. Can anyone out there help? Thanks.
  • Romeo 28/10/2015 08:54
    Best game of it's time. I was wondering if there are any new games out now like it.
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