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Gauntlet is an abandoned action game designed by Ed Logg, developed by Mindscape and released by 3d Realms in 1986. Gauntlet runs on DOS. Gauntlet was converted from the original arcade version. Gauntlet is part of the Gauntlet game series.
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single-player, co-op
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Main executable game file: gauntlet/GAUNTLET.EXE.

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Gauntlet review

Compute! Gazette Issue 58 (1988): "Gauntlet offers fast action, multiple screens, and the opportunity for additional players to join the game at any time. That sort of camaraderie was, and still is, rare in arcade games, and it is nicely reproduced by Mindscape in the home computer version. Gaunitlet's heroes are assailed by all manner of villains, including ghosts, demons, sorcerers, and even Death itself. The vil- lains have different capabilities and pre- sent the heroes with various challenges and perils.
Select your hero from these legendary characters; Thor, who possesses great strength, as well as a battle axe that can destroy monster generators, and who serves well in hand-to-hand combat; Merlin, whose mastery of mag- ic makes him a powerful weapon against monster generators, but whose physical vulnerability makes him an easy target for the enemy; Thyra, whose Valkyrie prowess with the sword and moderate magical ability make her an effective weapon; and Questor, an elf who is capable of working strong magic."


Additional info about Gauntlet

Status: abandonware
Input: keyboard, joystick
Abandonware DOS views: 10965
Series: Gauntlet is part of the Gauntlet series.
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