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Gengis Khan

Gengis Khan is an abandoned strategy game developed by KOEI and released by KOEI in 1989. Gengis Khan runs on DOS. Download the game here. Gengis Khan is part of the Gengis Khan game series.

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Game modes:
single-player, hotseat
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Gengis Khan reviews

Computer Gaming World - Issue 55 (1989): "It is possible to quibble with the game's structure. One could suggest that the menu/sub-menu/sub-menu interface for giving orders causes unnecessary keystrokes. It is possible to argue that the angle of the world map in the world conquest scenario is somewhat disorienting from a western perspective. Still, the fact remains that Genghis Khan is the toughest, most satisfying, and richest historical simulation, yet!. If there are any better historical simulations anywhere that touch base with the forces of human society more thoroughly, this writer is unaware of them".

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