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Goblins 3

Goblins 3 (also known as Goblins Quest 3) is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Coktel Vision. It was released in 1993 as the third installment in the Gobliiins series. The game was created by Pierre Gilhodes and features a unique combination of puzzle-solving and humor.
Gameplay in Goblins 3 revolves around controlling a team of three characters, each with their own special abilities, as they navigate through various levels and solve puzzles. The three main characters are Tchoup, Stucco, and Perlius. Tchoup is the warrior goblin who can use his strength to move heavy objects and fight enemies, Stucco is the magician goblin with magical abilities, and Perlius is the technician goblin who can manipulate mechanical objects
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Goblins 3 review

Electronic Games (1994): "How’s this for a bad day? Blount wakes up to discover that his flying ship is under attack. The captain and even the rats have abandoned ship. Jumping overboard, Blount crashes to earth and is surrounded by ugly-guy guards. Smitten by love, he defeats the guards and is devoured by a werewolf. He wakes up dead. And that’s just a tune-up for his real adventure.
Goblins 3, by Sierra On-Line, is a cartoon cross between Indiana Jones and Ren and Stimpy. Blount, the hero, is a goblin journalist covering a big story, the Labyrinth of Foliandre. He’s as tough and persistent as Indiana Jones. Unfortunately, he’s not much smarter than Ren and Stimpy."


Additional info about Goblins 3

Also known as: Goblins Quest 3
Status: NOT abandonware
Input: mouse, keyboard
Distributed on: 3,5 floppy disk, cd-rom
Abandonware DOS views: 12641
Series: Goblins 3 is part of the Gobliiins series.


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