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Grand Prix 2

Grand Prix 2 is an abandoned DOS racing game, developed by MicroProse Software, designed by Geoffrey J. Crammond and published by MicroProse Software in 1995. It's available for download. Grand Prix 2 is also part of the MicroProse Grand Prix series.
Grand Prix 2 screenshot
grand-prix-2-03.jpg - DOS
grand-prix-2-04.jpg - DOS
grand-prix-2-08.jpg - DOS
grand-prix-2-09.jpg - DOS
grand-prix-2-10.jpg - DOS
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released in:
single-player, LAN, modem, hotseat

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What magazines wrote about it

"GP2 does make compromises. As sophisticated as its' driving model is, mastering it still happens quicker than with Indicar - which may still be regarded as possessing superior dynamics. This will only displease retired racing drivers thought, the game has been geared for demanding gamers and if the upper 1% of perfectionists can still find fault, then their loss, the rest of us love it." - PC Powerplay


Video courtesy of Squakenet.com.

Additional info

Input: mouse, joystick, wheel, keyboard, gamepad

Distributed on: cd-rom

Abandonware DOS views: 15444


  • PayasYouRace - 15/07/2016 10:31
    The default key controls were locked onto "a" for accelerate, "z" for brake, "<" and ">" for steering and space for gear change. You couldn't change them though space would become pause when playing with a joystick.
  • Gilles Maisonneuve - 28/08/2015 21:38
    @ AbandonwareDOS
    Dear AD,
    Well my remark was not against you but the game itself. Actually never had such trouble with GP V1 : arrows were running very smoothly.
    For example "The Need for Speed" and "Xenon II" (both from your site) manage the arrows under DOSbox without any trouble.
    If by chance you find (remember) the trick, let us know please.

    Thank anayway for all teh good stuff you provide us. "Keep up the good work, officer".

  • AbandonwareDOS - 28/08/2015 08:39
    @Gilles, I personally took the screenshots you see on this page, but I honestly can't remember how I managed to play... sorry!
  • Gilles Maisonneuve - 27/08/2015 20:37
    This game CANNOT be played (at least Under DOSBox 0.74 on a W7/64 machine : the game does NOT handle the Arrow keys of the keyboard and there is NO way to configure the keys Inside any possible menu of the game.
    Piece of s...., hem, garbage.
    You can drop and forget it.
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