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Ground Control

Ground Control is a strategy game developed by Massive Entertainment and released by Sierra On-Line in 2000. More precisely Ground Control is a real time tactical game with a sci-fi setting.

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Ground Control reviews

"This game has everything for the gamer in all of us. It's got action, strategy, configurability, blistering graphics, killer sound effects, and the fast and furious multiplayer that's sure to keep the game going long after you finish the included campaigns. Ground Control redefines the RTS genre, showing that building bases and churning out scores of units isn't always a necessary coponent for all "real-time strategy" games. If you are a fan of action, strategy, RTS, or just like to see beautiful battles rendered in 3D, this one's for you." - GameSpy (2001)

Collector's corner:

An expansion, Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy, was released for the game. It added a new faction, the Phoenix Mercenaries, and a new 15-mission single-player campaign, expanding on the storyline. Both games were released in 2001 in a bundle, called Ground Control Anthology.

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Input: keyboard, mouse

Distributed on: cd-rom, download

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