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Hero's Quest: So you want to be a hero

Sierra On-Line released Hero's Quest: So you want to be a hero in the year 1989; it's an old fantasy adventure game, part of the Quest for glory series. Hero's Quest: So you want to be a hero is abandonware, runs on DOS and can be played in single player mode. It's available for download.
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The game advertised itself as "three games in one" since it was the first Sierra game that (according to RPG customs), allowed the selection of a character out of three classes: Fighter, Magic User and Thief.

This is one of the few Sierra adventure games where the player character has few or no speaking lines; although the player can input commands such as "ask about brigands", the player character has almost no dialogue.

A lot of planned features were cut off in the development progress, to release the game in a realistic amount of time. Originally, Lori had planned for four different races: thief-like gnome, magic wielding elf, human as jack of all trades, and archer centaur. For the limited resources in the animating department, races were replaced with multiple classes for the human character. In the original design, there was supposed to be a big goblin maze. References to this have remained in the goblin base of the original version. Many of the town buildings were planned to be enterable. Also, magic users were supposed to be able to get a familiar like Zara had, but it was cut due to programming difficulties.

Like some other games by Sierra, a VGA version using Sierra's 'point and click' SCI1.1 interpreter was released in 1992. As a result of some limitations of this version, many die-hard fans of Quest for Glory resent the VGA rendition due to the lack of movement that was prevalent in the original, which used the 'text parser' based SCI0.

The game's villain, Baba Yaga, is a creature of the Slavic folklore. Although her presence is incongruous in a Germanic setting, Baba Yaga reappears in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness, which has a proper Slavic setting.

players: single player

input: keyboard, mouse, joystick

distribution: 3,5 floppy disk, 5,25 floppy disk

graphics: CGA, EGA, Hercules, MCGA, Tandy, VGA

sound: Adlib, Sound Blaster, Tandy, Roland, PC speaker, MIDI

Abandonware DOS views: 3775

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