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Hero's Quest: So you want to be a hero

Hero's Quest: So you want to be a hero is an abandoned adventure game designed by Lori Ann Cole, developed by Sierra On-Line and released by Sierra On-Line in 1989. Hero's Quest: So you want to be a hero runs on DOS. Hero's Quest: So you want to be a hero is part of the Quest for glory game series.
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Additional info about Hero's Quest: So you want to be a hero

Status: abandonware

Input: keyboard, mouse, joystick

Distributed on: 3,5 floppy disk, 5,25 floppy disk

Abandonware DOS views: 22743


  • Smidi - 24/09/2022 21:56
    By far the most underrated videogame of all time. This game is where it all started for me. Taught me to read, write, and type at a very early age. I go back and play it any time I'm feeling down and the wash of nostalgia invigorates me. I'm 39 now so ive been playing it over and over for approx 35 years I've been playing this game. Unfortunately first person games and the advent of 3D engines...and the low attention span of the average consumer - these games just....disappeared. They simply don't do it this way anymore. And that's an absolute tragedy ... Someone needs to code a modern engine like this one (keep the pixel graphics) and make massive complex adventure games like this on steroids. Have deep rpg elements. Upgrading gear and stats tonnes of proceedurally generated items and artifacts that change every time you play. Have GTP3 A.I. for the NPCs so that you have to type in questions to get quest clues and conversate but their answers are almost as dynamic as a humans due to this open source free tech anyone can use (I think). Please for the love of god...someone make this game I've envisioned since I was a little boy. Godspeed.
  • Isky - 04/03/2021 17:06
    An absolute classic. Easy addition to any library.
  • Donald F. Chapman - 23/02/2019 00:40
    I fist played this game after finding it at Tandy Computer Store in '91 and I was hooked on it! I haven't seen it since I converted to Windows ops in '95!
  • Antman - 12/11/2018 12:12
    Awesome game
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