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Heroes of the Lance

Heroes of the Lance is an old DOS fantasy side-view action-adventure game developed by U.S. Gold in 1989 from an original idea by Jeff Groteboer, George MacDonald. Heroes of the Lance can be enjoyed in single player mode. Heroes of the Lance is a licensed Dungeons & Dragons video game. It's available for download.

What they thought about it

"The characters and animation are excellent. The background scenery is atmospheric, but it's also rather dull. these may be ruins but they could have made them a bit more colorful. during fights you get good sound effects - "ughs" and "arrghs". There's not much else apart from that though. The only annoying thing you'll find is that the game comes on three disks, so a certain amunt of swapping is required. Fortunately this is mostly between games rather than during them." - ACE magazine

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Video courtesy of Squakenet.com.

Additional info

Player modes: single player

Input: keyboard

Graphics: CGA, EGA

Sound cards supported: PC speaker

Abandonware DOS views: 3126

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