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House of the Dead

House of the Dead is an old horror-themed rail shooter game, developed and released by Sega in 1998. The whole gameplay can be summarized in a single sentence "a first-person 3D shooting gallery with zombies". House of the Dead runs on older version of Windows, so you may need a virtual machine to play it properly.
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House of the Dead screenshot
house-of-the-dead-2.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
house-of-the-dead-1.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
house-of-the-dead-3.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
house-of-the-dead-4.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
house-of-the-dead-5.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
house-of-the-dead-6.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
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single-player, Internet, LAN, co-op
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Games developed for old Windows versions may not run on recent systems. You may need a Virtual Machine to run this game properly.

Additional info about House of the Dead

Status: abandonware

Input: joystick, keyboard, mouse

Distributed on: cd-rom

Also published for: Saturn

Abandonware DOS views: 123565


  • danish - 24/05/2020 12:50
    this game I think is pretty good on windows XP not on windows 10
  • Navi - 21/10/2019 10:41
    It Says Please install CD-ROM no Exe. File please help!
  • shakir mughal - 21/04/2019 12:57
    i like it very much
  • Rob - 10/03/2019 10:39
    Had this one for the Dream Cast along with Resident Evil to round of the horror survival shelf. Interesting to see it floating about and seemingly more popular than I thought it would be. It is pretty fun (shooter on rails like Operation Wolf, but with zombies).
  • ibnu aas imruul qais - 01/02/2019 16:12
    super game......
  • Nader - 30/05/2018 19:52
    It tells my that you need the house of the dead CD or something like that please anyone help.
  • AbandonwareDOS - 12/02/2018 19:00
    @ramesh: there's more than one exe, I just checked. Could it be that your antivirus automatically deleted the EXEs? I guarantee that House of the Dead is virus free
  • ramesh - 08/02/2018 17:57
    house of the dead exe file is not there
  • fahad - 09/11/2017 12:00
    nice game
  • AbandonwareDOS - 05/03/2016 11:32
    You are right Moldy... my mistake. I changed the system data accordingly.
  • moldylunchbox97 - 04/03/2016 19:43
    This is actually a Windows 95/Windows NT game and cannot be played on vanilla DOS.
    I ran all of the executables in DOSBOX, a MSDOS 7.10 Virtual Machine, my stand alone ThinkPad running IBM DOS 4.01, and also my 2003 Dell Dimension 4600. It would only work when running under Win XP or 98 on my Dell.
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