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Ishar: Legend of the Fortress

Ishar: Legend of the Fortress is a first-person grid-based RPG developed by Silmarils and released in 1992 for DOS, Amiga and Atari ST. Ishar: Legend of the Fortress is the second game, part of the Ishar game series (the first being Crystals of Arborea). Ishar is a classic RPG like Wizardry or Might & Magic and it plays the same way, but the entire series is lesser known than the other party-based first-person RPGs.
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Ishar: Legend of the Fortress review

Ishar: Legend of the Fortress presents players with a complex and expansive fantasy role-playing game(RPG) that showcases elements commonly associated with the genre. Developed in the 1990s, this title offers a diverse world to explore, intricate gameplay mechanics, and a rich storyline.

Set in the kingdom of Kendoria, Ishar: Legend of the Fortress unfolds as players assume the role of a group of adventurers tasked with liberating the land from the grasp of evil forces. The game features a vast open world with multiple cities, dungeons, and outdoor areas, providing players with a sense of freedom and exploration.

Players must carefully manage their party, consisting of different characters with varying abilities and roles, including warriors, wizards, and archers. The game incorporates traditional RPG elements such as turn-based combat, character development through experience points, and the acquisition of equipment and spells.

Graphically, Ishar: Legend of the Fortress is modest, featuring pixelated visuals that were standard for its time. The visuals serve their purpose but lack the visual polish of more contemporary RPGs. Similarly, the audio design consists of basic sound effects and unremarkable music tracks, neither enhancing nor detracting from the overall experience.

The storyline of Ishar: Legend of the Fortress attempts to engage players with a tale of heroism, political intrigue, and the struggle against evil. While it provides a foundation for the game's quests and missions, the narrative lacks depth and fails to captivate on a truly immersive level.

In conclusion, Ishar: Legend of the Fortress caters to dedicated RPG enthusiasts seeking a challenging and complex experience. Its expansive world, intricate gameplay mechanics, and traditional RPG elements offer a solid foundation for immersive role-playing. However, its outdated graphics, lackluster audio, and steep learning curve may deter more casual players or those accustomed to modern RPG conventions. Ishar: Legend of the Fortress remains a decent choice for fans of classic RPGs who appreciate depth and complexity in their gaming endeavors.


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Additional info about Ishar: Legend of the Fortress

Status: NOT abandonware

Input: keyboard, mouse

Distributed on: cd-rom, 3,5 floppy disk

Also published for: Amiga, Atari ST

Abandonware DOS views: 10466


  • Gorn - 09/05/2023 06:12
    Ishar should be up there with the whole family of 1st persona RPGs but somehow everyone forgot about it. A shame, it's a fine game.
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