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Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is an abandoned action-adventure game designed by Matthew Wood, Warren Lancashire, developed by Ocean Software and released by Ocean Software in 1993. Jurassic Park runs on DOS. Jurassic Park was based on a movie.
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Additional info about Jurassic Park

Status: abandonware
Input: mouse, keyboard
Distributed on: 3,5 floppy disk, cd-rom
Abandonware DOS views: 4139


  • LAG FIX 03/03/2023 18:07
    This game is too fun to not be revisited/enjoyed on modern PC's

    To turn off this annoying lag effect using DOSBox we have to disable joystick via the game INSTALL.exe and then also save this file. This Install.exe file is located in the games directory alongside JP.exe

    If you click on this install using Windows your computer will not know what to do because its a DOS.exe. This fact can be overlooked in contemporary times even by someone who grew up using DOS. We need to run this 'Install.exe' using the DOSBox EMULATOR

    After properly mounting/finding the correct game directory you'd normally type this in DOSBox to run the game:

    Instead use:

    From this install menu toggle 'USE Joystick' to OFF. (Default is ON)
    -Hit 'U' once for toggle joystick. Keyboard down to Off. Hit enter
    -Hit 'Q' for Quit install
    -'S' for Save Install and you will auto exit the install

    Joystick is now toggled off and permanently saved for the JP GAME FILE. This is a one time deal provided the file/game does not again change

    For good measure also change following DOSBox emulator settings:
    Go to DOSBox install directory. Click on the 'DOSBox 0.74-3 Options' its a windows batch file

    Using Notepad to view this file use CTRL+F to find and change the following lines:
    'joysticktypeauto' to joysticktypenone'
    'coreauto' to 'coredynamic'
    'cyclesauto' to 'cyclesmax'

    All the other DOSBox defaults should run the game fine. CTRL+S to Save this file. Run game and it will 100 run smoothly now. Leave 'cyclesauto' if you want to further adjust game speed using CTRL+F11 (slower) or CTRL+F12 (faster)

    Guide is for using Windows 10 64bit & DOSBox v0.74-3 & this game
    Hope this helps someone else enjoy this classic!!
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