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La Abadia del Crimen

La Abadía del Crimen (The Abbey of Crime) is an action-adventure developed in Spain by Paco Menéndez in the mid-1980s. It was initially created for the Amstrad CPC and later ported to other popular home computer systems of the time, such as the ZX Spectrum and MSX. The game was released in 1987.
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Main executable game file: abadia/crimen.exe.

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La Abadia del Crimen review

La Abadia del Crimen is known for its unique blend of adventure and strategy elements. It is heavily inspired by Umberto Eco's novel "The Name of the Rose" and the subsequent movie adaptation. In the game, you play the role of a Franciscan monk named Fray Guillermo of Occam, who is visiting a Benedictine abbey. Your mission is to solve a series of murders that have occurred within the abbey's walls.

The gameplay involves exploring the abbey's various rooms and solving puzzles to uncover clues related to the murders. You must also adhere to the strict daily schedule of monastic life, attending prayers, eating in the refectory, and getting enough rest. Deviating too much from the routine or breaking the abbey's rules can lead to suspicion and eventually expulsion from the abbey, which is a game over condition.

One of the unique aspects of La Abadia del Crimen is its emphasis on maintaining the appearance of a pious monk while conducting your investigation. This means that you have to be careful about when and where you investigate, as well as who you interact with. It's essential to strike a balance between solving the mystery and maintaining your monastic cover.
The game was notable for its advanced AI system, which controlled the movements and behavior of the other monks in the abbey. This AI system added depth to the gameplay, as the other monks would go about their daily routines and could report suspicious behavior to the abbot.

La Abadia del Crimen received critical acclaim for its challenging gameplay and unique concept. However, it was not widely known outside of Spain due to its limited distribution. Nevertheless, it has gained a cult following over the years and is considered one of the classic games of the 8-bit era.

Additional info about La Abadia del Crimen

Also known as: The Abbey of Crime

Status: abandonware

Input: joystick, keyboard

Also published for: Amstrad CPC, MSX, ZX Spectrum

Abandonware DOS views: 8730


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