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Legend of Kyrandia 3: Malcolm's Revenge

The Legend of Kyrandia: Malcolm's Revenge is the third and final installment in the Legend of Kyrandia series. This point-and-click adventure game was developed and published by Westwood Studios, released in 1994. Unlike the first two games, where players assumed the role of a protagonist fighting against the villain Malcolm, Malcolm's Revenge takes a different narrative approach.
The player takes on the role of Malcolm, the jester and antagonist from the first two games. The story begins with Malcolm imprisoned and facing execution for his past crimes. However, Malcolm manages to escape with the help of a mysterious figure known as the Shadow.
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Additional info about Legend of Kyrandia 3: Malcolm's Revenge

Status: NOT abandonware
Input: keyboard, mouse
Distributed on: cd-rom
Abandonware DOS views: 14035
Series: Legend of Kyrandia 3: Malcolm's Revenge is part of the Kyrandia series.


  • superzig 03/04/2020 19:21
    Does anybody know what is the highest achievable score you can reach by the end? Don't think 911 is feasible...
  • AbandonwareDOS 14/05/2017 09:08
    Thank you AGAIN for your review Lord Bucket!
  • LordBucket 13/05/2017 13:23
    Quick followup: to play this game you ABSOLUTELY MUST play with the voice enabled. The above video doesn't show what's going on. Not only is the dialogue crucial to play, the fun part of Malcom's Revenge isn't playing the game, it's listening to the constant stream of jokes from the characters, which are delivered via spoken lines. If you can't hear the voices, don't bother. You need them to play.
  • LordBucket 13/05/2017 13:18
    Malcolm's Revenge is entertaining at times, and the voicework is great, but the game gets into "Guide Dang it" territory sometimes where there's just no way you can realistically proceed without giving up and consulting a guide. But that's not all bad, because there's a LOT dialogue predicting all the stuff you'll try, and the main character and his over-the shoulder-demon sidekick will keep you mostly entertained while you struggle to progress. Eventually though you'll get to cat island, and then the game becomes completely stupidly difficult, at which point you either simply give up or result to following step by step guides and not enjoying it anymore.

    Also, while this game is the THIRD in the Kyrandia series, it's a continuation of the story from from the FIRST game, and will make more sense if you've played the first one. If you have, definately check this out to get Malcolm's version of the story. It's kind of a Rashomon story. But if you haven't, you might enjoy the SECOND game in the story more, Hand of Fate. It's the best in the series, and doesn't depend on knowledge of the other two as much.
  • KV 26/07/2016 17:52
    I downloaded this game from this website and tried to launch from the Boxer app on my mac. When I try to start a new game, it gives me an error message that says it cannot detect the "anytalk.tlk" file and I have to exit the game. I am not well-versed with DOSbox or any of the DOS prompting, so I am completely lost as to how to fix this. I have downloaded the Kyrandia 2 game and it worked just fine.
  • GrandMaster 11/08/2015 10:03
    A fairly typical adventure game in the old Kings Quest style. Perhaps with less vicious fatalities. The music is catchy and the graphics decent for their day, but the puzzles infuriating as is the wont of this genre.
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