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Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

Lode Runner: The Legend Returns is an abandoned action game designed by Jake Hoelter, Todd Daggert, developed by Presage Software and released by Sierra On-Line in 1994. Lode Runner: The Legend Returns runs on DOS. Download the game here. Lode Runner: The Legend Returns is part of the Lode runner game series.

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DOS Games can't run on Windows. You need an emulator such as DOSbox and/or a front-end like D-Fend Reloaded. Follow these instructions to run DOS games on Windows systems.

Collector's corner:

One year after its release, Sierra released Lode Runner Online: Mad Monks' Revenge, which fixed many of the bugs and added additional gameplay features.

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Input: joystick, keyboard, mouse

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  • ShadowCrawler24 - 27/08/2019 09:03
    Is this game compatible with Windows 10? Every time I try to run the install program to install the game it says "this app cant run on this PC"
  • Jibux - 26/01/2018 23:39
    When we save the game and then reload the saved game, it starts over again from the beginning the level saved. But it keeps the total amount of the "gold" collected... bug?
  • David - 16/10/2016 00:11
    How do you save a puzzle in progress?
  • AbandonwareDOS - 16/08/2016 09:09
    Hi Gabriel, yes, you do need an emulator. Follow the "how to run old games" link at the top of the page to learn how to do so.
  • Gabriel - 14/08/2016 19:13
    need simulator to play this game?
  • matt - 26/05/2016 00:12
    anyone have trouble with the mouse not syncing up to the game mouse?
  • Brady - 10/04/2016 17:28
    Hey so I downloaded D-Fend Reloaded successfully and have tried to run the file through that program but it just exits out. It loads the first screen in fullscreen but then goes black and quits. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? I put these files into the D-Fend program: MIDPAK and SOUNDRV. I did these ones cuz they are MS-DOS. Would love some help! THANKS :D
  • AbandonwareDOS - 13/02/2016 10:04
    Hi jUDITH, what do you mean by different system codes? It's a zip archive; after unzipping, you should use an MSDOS emulator like DOSbox or, even better, look for D-Fend Reloaded.
  • jUDITH - 13/02/2016 03:49
    FAVE game of my childhood and even until now, once I figure out how to open.

    Issues opening once downloaded.

    it opens to a page with different system codes.
  • Cookie - 14/11/2015 20:54
    Game of my childhood <3
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