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Manhunter: New York

Manhunter: New York is an abandoned adventure game set in North America designed by Dave Murry, Barry Murry, developed by Evryware and released by Sierra On-Line in 1988. Manhunter: New York runs on DOS. Manhunter: New York is part of the Manhunter game series.
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Main executable game file: manhnewy/Sierra.com.

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Manhunter: New York review

Computer and Video Games Issue 100 (February 1990): "Sierra's Manhunter series is quite different from any other Sierra adventures. The storylines are bizarre, the mode of play is bizarre, and Manhunter San Francisco, the second in the series, is no less bizarre than its forerunner.
The alien Orbs that terrorised New York have now spread lo San Francisco. Humans must wear hooded robes, and may not speak to one another on pain or death. Certain individuals, equipped with a tracking device from the Orbs, have been selected as Manhunters, people who track down those who have acted illegally according to the Orbs' laws.
After fleeing New York in an alien ship, you crash land in San Francesco. Stealing a dead Manhunter's tracker, you set off on his original trail. The tracker follows the subject to a bank, a warehouse, a ferry building, and finally to a fountain, where the trail goes cold. Dead end, it seems. But there's other people involved, and these, too, must be tracked...
Playing the game involves no text input at all. Everything is controlled by cursor keys, joystick, or mouse and options accessed from pull-down menus. In the midst of all this are embedded a number of quite tricky arcade sequences, which add to the unusual nature of the game."


Additional info about Manhunter: New York

Status: abandonware
Input: joystick, keyboard
Distributed on: 5,25 floppy disk, 3,5 floppy disk
Abandonware DOS views: 13177
Series: Manhunter: New York is part of the Manhunter series.


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