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Mega Man X4

Mega Man X4 is an abandoned side scrolling action-platform video game that was released for Windows, the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1997 and 1998. Mega Man X4 is part of the Mega Man X series, which is a spin-off of the original Mega Man series, and it was developed by Capcom.
Mega Man X4 is set in a dystopian future where humans and robots coexist. The story revolves around two playable characters: Mega Man X and Zero, a skilled Maverick Hunter. The player can choose to play as either character, and their choice affects the game's story and levels.
Mega Man X4 screenshot
megaman-x4-05.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
megaman-x4-01.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
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megaman-x4-03.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
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Windows XP/98/95
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Mega Man X4 review

Computer Gaming World (1999): "The appeal of this game is really limited to hard-core platformer freaks and MEGAMAN fans and most of them probably bought the console version when it came out over a year ago. Core computer gamers aren’t going to find this game worth their time."

Computer Games Magazine (1999): "It's simple. If you're a MegaMan fanatic you'll love this game. If you're not, you won't. Yes, MegaManX4 is better than MegaManX3, but that's like saying Beach Babes from Beyond is a better movie than Redneck Zombies: it's all drek anyway, so why bother?"

Additional info about Mega Man X4

Status: abandonware
Input: keyboard, joystick
Distributed on: cd-rom
Also published for: PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PSP, PS Vita, SEGA Saturn
Abandonware DOS views: 23899
Series: Mega Man X4 is part of the Mega Man series.


  • Megaman Fan 18/05/2024 09:39
    I miss playing this game. Downloaded file works but no background music.
  • Option 05/04/2024 18:11
    Mega Man X4 is an extremely fun game that supports all types of skill levels. It is also very enjoyable to play as Zero, but he is definitely a harder character to beat the game. It does add an interesting form of game play.
  • CoilMan 29/10/2023 18:26
    Mega Man X4 is one of the finest platform games I've ever played. I didn't know it came out for Windows, awesome!
  • Mohammed 28/02/2023 07:19
    I like this game, and thank you very much for putting it for free! I wish I had a way to donate but I'm still 17 so I don't have a credit card yet.
    thank very much anyway!
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