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Metal & lace

Metal & lace is an abandoned action game developed by MegaTech Software and released by MegaTech Software in 1993. Metal & lace runs on DOS. Download the game here.

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Video courtesy of Squakenet.com.

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Input: keyboard, mouse, joystick

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  • AbandonwareDOS - 14/05/2017 09:08
    Thank you for your review Lord Bucket!
  • LordBucket - 13/05/2017 13:33
    Like all Megatech games, Battle of the Robobabes isn't very good. If you watch the video, you see that beautiful sequence when the girl in the mech suit, the music is entirely decent, is looks great. But then you get to the actual game, which is nothing like that. It's basically a sideview fighting game, kind of like a low quality Street Fighter clone, plus some fairly trivial buying of mechs and upgrades for them. But teh huge failling is that your damage and defense abilities are gained by using them in matches. Imagien playing Street Fighter, except that every time you punch orkick you get stronger and can do more damage, and every time you get hit you get tougher so you take less damage. That's how Battle of teh Robobabes works. So basically you end up grinding matches where you sit in a corner blocking and getting hit over and over again, and doing a whole lot of tiny minimum damage punches...all to grind up your stats. And that's 90 of the game. And through gameplay you unlock some hentai pictures. Overall the game is mediocre at best.
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