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Oil Imperium

Oil Imperium is an abandoned simulation game developed by reLINE Software and released by Rainbow Arts in 1989. Oil Imperium runs on DOS. Download the game here.

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Game modes:
single-player, hotseat
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Oil Imperium reviews

Zero Magazine Issue 1 (1990): "The basic aim of Oil Imperium, the latest game from Rainbow Arts is to make piles (or barrels, in this particular case) of moolah by becoming a JR Ewing clone and exploiting the worlds' natural oil resources. You play against three other opposing oil barons (either computer or player operated) and can choose to win in one of four ways: by becoming the richest oil baron after three years; by making over $80 million dollars in liquid assets; by bankrupting all three other players or by taking over 80 percent of the market share.
Have you got the speed, skill and determination to out-JR JR? Would you rather be burning down the opposition's oil rigs or beating them by supplying the best grade of oil and at the fastest speed? Now's your chance to prove that when it comes to oil, you're as slick as the rest. Oil! Slick! Geddit?"

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