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Phantasie 1

Phantasie 1 is turn-based rpg game designed by Winston Douglas Wood, developed by SSI Strategic Simulations Inc. and released by SSI Strategic Simulations Inc. in 1987. Phantasie 1 runs on DOS. Phantasie 1 is part of the Phantasie game series.
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NOT abandonware
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Additional info about Phantasie 1

Status: NOT abandonware
Input: keyboard
Abandonware DOS views: 10587
Series: Phantasie 1 is part of the Phantasie series.


  • AbandonwareDOS 13/12/2020 06:23
    Thank you very much Andre! That's very useful information!
  • Andre 13/12/2020 05:45
    Roger, I played this game all the way through back in the day... so a little correction for you.
    1) There is a luck attribute for every character, it boosts hit chance and boosts the amount of random attribute gained from fountains (3 of them, one accessed by teleporting to town 99 and exiting that town which can only be gotten to by teleport) Strength (plus bonus if applicable) + x 2 agility for fighters. Intel x2 + agility for mage spells, Will x2 plus Agility for priestly spells.This governs to hit for this game. It is still dice roll game, and THACO (TO HIT ARMOR CLASS ZERO) applies as a modifier. Additional modifier is a + weapon, or the armor worn can act as a negative modifier. Example, Rangers are fighters and spell casters, then need Strength, Int and Agility plus constitution for hitpoints which plus strength determines hit points. It is not as random as you think, I spent weeks making a perfect group so I would always be ahead in battle. Perfect group, 1 Dwarf Ranger (higher Con 22, higher strength) helps party vs night encounter , 2 minotaur thieves (they get fireball 8, have high agi, strength and con) who also help vs night encounter, 1 Elf mage, again night encounter, human monk and human priest, they dispell undead and like all get fireball 8 , so you have 1 dedicated healer, 4 others with good healing skill, all six with fireball 8 at higher levels, thieves vs traps, 4 fighters with high hitmpoints... so forth and so on... everyone compliments the others, all with almost max stats.
    2) Inventory system is fine, you want potions not scrolls, potions to restore magic not hitpoints. If you are not using it, sell it, simple as that.
    3) Scrolls say what they do by the name on the scroll and thieves can use scrolls but are better off carrying potions at higher levels, plus a weak caster using a scroll casts a weak spell, useless, cant remember any scroll I needed to use in a town.
    4) Graphics were good for their time, using an emulator makes everything look bad now. I used Commadore 64, and commadore 2000 (or 3000), but Atari might have been better graphics, amiga was not better.
    5. You only have 1 dungeon save, if you go to any other dungeon you overwrite the previous save, there was a dungeon save disk, you inserted it every time you left a dungeon to save, and as previously stated, you enter/exit any other dungeon and it was overwritten unless you were smart enough to make extra dungeon save disks and used the one for that particular dungeon. TADAAAA... that easy.
    6. Same point again... really... read 5.

    I played the game through about 6 times and played the others also, and migrated my characters as well between Phantasie and Phantasie 2. Phantasie 3 (wrath of Nikademus) sucked greatly in graphics and gameplay though they added pick where to attack but I still did 4 play throughs. It was not boring back then and though it might be boring by todays standards it was cutting edge for the day. It was a great game, and anyone that played it back then was hooded. I discovered every secret (but one) that the game had to offer and even used the ^break command and scroll option PCs had back then to stop the game process and read the scripting which taught me how to program and reprogram. I want to play the game again even now to see if I can get an undead character to next levels to see what happens because that is one secret that eludes me... a million XP per level.... I will need to reprogram or cheat the program to find out.
  • Denis Stephenson 11/05/2019 21:51
    Very Good on the SAtari bit system a very nice change I use the original 130 XE Atari and org disks well worth what i paid for it back in the day
  • terwixonse 11/05/2019 05:42
    Help. I am looking for guide
  • AbandonwareDOS 10/11/2018 10:56
    @Gene Mui, you can use the D-Fend package: just drag and drop it in D-Fend Reloaded. D-Fend is an easy to use front-end for DOSBOX.
  • Gene Mui 29/09/2018 05:10
    Do you know which User Template to use with this game? I've used Simple DOS Game template and Default Template, bu the game keeps crashing to desktop.
  • Christopher 28/11/2017 19:00
    just down load it now how do i get it to load
  • Roger 27/09/2016 21:42
    This game is not a real rpg, just a bad dungeon hack. Why ?
    1) Combat are too much based on luck
    2) Inventory system is just a NIGHTMARE to use. You MUST keep the scrolls for info BUT it take A LOT of place in your SACK.
    3) Magic scrolls can ONLY be used in town and it say NOT what it doe. Just LUCK to try ? Boring!!!
    4) Graphics & sounds are UGLY, if you really want to play this game..... USE the Amiga or Atari ST version.
    5) The dungeon are reseted after a while and you MUST restart the same dungeon AGAIN and AGAIN with no change inside. The stairs in the dungeon are USELESS just because you cannot use it to change levels.
    6) The dungeon are supposed to be save the progress BUT everything is after a while reseted, USELESS fonction in final.

    I have played far enough this gamr to see that it is boring WITH A VERY BAD GAMEPLAY, the story is less than BASIC one, it is just bad as the game. If you really want to play "dungeon hack" style rpg game, look at RPG NES games, there is a lot of it with strong story and A LOT MORE FUN TO PLAY.

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