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Powermonger is a real time strategy game where the player must defeat the opponents by conquering towns and tipping the balance of power in his/her favor. This is done by giving orders to soldiers and captains and by accumulating enough resources (food and equipment) to survive and ultimately win.

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Powermonger reviews

 "Bullfrog's next one on from Populous didn't have quite the same impact as its predecessor, but it remains a classic wargame and graphically impressive to boot. There is an option to connect computers together via a modem or direct cable so two human players can compete head-to-head. The game also supports a network allowing four-player competition. The amount of detail in the game is incredible - birds rustling feathers, voices of blacksmiths in their workshops and cheering." - PC Review Issue 7 (1992)

Collector's corner:

In 1991 an expansion disk (for computers only) was released that changed the setting from the conquest of a medieval kingdom, to World War I. The game play was still essentially the same, but with more ranged weapons and war-machines.

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Input: keyboard, mouse

Distributed on: 3,5 floppy disk

Abandonware DOS views: 10665


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