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Questron 2

Questron 2 is rpg game designed by Charles W. Dougherty, John C. Dougherty, developed by Westwood Studios and released by SSI Strategic Simulations Inc. in 1988. Questron 2 runs on DOS.
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Questron 2 screenshot
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Game modes:
NOT abandonware
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Additional info about Questron 2

Input: keyboard

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  • LordBucket - 13/05/2017 10:37
    Pretty decent top-view tile-based RGP adventure. Comparable to Ultima 4 and 5. Questron 2 is by no means a "must play" game, but if you liked the ultima games and want something kind of similar, Questron 2 is a decent option. It is occasionally a little klunky, but the story is actually fairly interesting and has some nice twists. Questron 2 was the better of the two in the series. Play this one, don't feel you need to play Questron 1.
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