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Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator

Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator is rpg game , released in 1999. Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator runs on Windows XP/98/95.
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Windows XP/98/95
4.03 / 5.00 (31 votes)

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Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator review

"Septerra Core does some things really, really well. The story and plot are some of the best I've seen in any computer game, and better yet it's executed marvelously with deep and likeable characters, complicated interactions, a novel and interesting game world, great dialogue with good voice overs for every line, and top-notch cut scenes. The world also looks good in a lot of ways, with fine looking portraits, pre-rendered backgrounds, and character icons. Unfortunately, there's also a few notable problems with the game, particularly the tedious combat system that prevents the use of much strategy, and a few show-stopping bugs that require extraordinary measures to get around. All that being said, however, I had a lot of fun with Septerra Core and the characters, plot, and general RPG goodness was enough to pass the "Keep me up till the wee hours" test. Despite its problems, I'm glad I played it." - GameSpy (2001)

"Like console Rpgs? Like final fantasy? Then hurry up and run down to your local Pc games selling location and pick up Septerra Core for around 20$ if you can. This game is extremely addictive, it starts off slow in the beginning but then the story begins to unfold and the game moves along at a extremely fast pace, alittle too face at times. This game will take the typical joe about 50-60 hrs to beat so theres alot of replay there. If you want a Console style Rpg on the beloved Pc of yours, or just jealous of your console friends then i really suggest you try out Septerra Core." - PC Game Reviews (2001)

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In 2006, version 1.04 was released, addressing compatibility issues with the game and newer versions of Windows operating systems.

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Status: NOT abandonware
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