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Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior is shooter game designed by Frank Maddin, Jim Norwood, developed by 3d Realms and released by GT Interactive Software in 1997. Shadow Warrior runs on DOS.

Shadow Warrior screenshot
shadow-warrior-1.jpg - DOS
shadow-warrior-06.jpg - DOS
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Game modes:
single-player, co-op, modem
NOT abandonware
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Collector's corner:

Two expansion packs, Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon, were released. The third one, Deadly Kiss from SillySoft remains unreleased, but screenshots were released in January, 1998.

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Video courtesy of Squakenet.com.

Additional info about Shadow Warrior

Input: joystick, keyboard, mouse, thrustmaster, gamepad

Distributed on: cd-rom

Abandonware DOS views: 11318


  • Clyde3D - 06/04/2020 06:43
    This game is not protected on another abandonware site. Nope not sayin. Just search.
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