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Space Ace

Space Ace is an abandoned adventure game designed by Don Bluth, developed by ReadySoft and released by ReadySoft in 1989. Space Ace runs on DOS. Space Ace was converted from the original arcade version. Download the game here. Space Ace is part of the Space Ace game series.

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Space Ace reviews

Zero Magazine issue 4 (1990) - "Basically my advice would go like this. If you're totally loaded, and I mean absolutely rolling in cash, then it's worth buying so you can learn a few levels and show people just what a home computer is capable of graphically. You might even get to like the game itself. However, if you're an extremely skint sort of person, then don't expect to get good value in the lastability stakes. This game is brilliant, but it's also a little bit crap."

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Input: keyboard, joystick

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