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Star Wars

Star Wars is an old DOS science fiction space sim vehicle simulation game developed by Atari in 1988 from an original idea by J├╝rgen Friedrich. Star Wars can be enjoyed in single player mode. Star Wars is a conversion from an arcade coin-op machine. It's available for download.
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Players with attention to detail may notice that after the TIE fighter waves, when flying towards the Death Star, the yellow grid lines on the Death Star spell out either "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU" on odd-numbered waves or names of some of the developers on even numbered waves.

The plot for this game was used in the Nintendo Gamecube game, Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader. The first level of the game (after the tutorial) is the attack on the Death Star, divided into three parts, just like the arcade game: dogfighting with TIE fighters, destroying gun turrets, and the final attack run on the Death Star.

F1 to toggle between mouse and keyboard. Keyboard controls: Q: up, A: down, O: left, P: right, SPACE: fire.

players: single player

input: joystick, keyboard, mouse

graphics: CGA

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