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Stunts is an abandoned DOS racing game, developed by Distinctive Software, designed by Stanley Chow, Brad Gour, Rob Martyn, Donald A. Mattrick, Kevin P. Pickell and published by Broderbund in 1990. Stunts includes a level editor. It's available for download.

Also known as: 4D Sports Driving
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  • Clint Hobson - 11/09/2017 03:38
    Have to say, a big part of this game was the entertaining and sometimes glitchy crashes, like Timothy's mention of nudging someone's car until you exploded away (well described too!) I still have the replay files, including one of my car spinning away as if caught in a tornado... it's insane.
  • Timothy J - 23/06/2016 23:58
    This game was great! You could make your own tracks, beat your top scores, pick from a bunch of cool cars (but honestly once you get serious you only pick the indy car), and of course the best part the crashes. My god the crashes.

    This game had a physics engine that had serious issues with certain conditions. If you wanted to see something 'interesting' happen you could start a race with the CPU, turn right into their car immediately, and push into them repeatedly. Inevitably this would lead to a release of energy something like splitting an atom. Usually your car will go spinning away some hundred yards or so, but if you kept at it you would get a real gem crash where your car flew backwards and took off into the sky, flying so high that you would often lose sight of the track below. A while later you return to the earth in a brutal pavement-kissing dive. The best part of this? Watching it in a replay from numerous camera angles!

    This game was awesome! I want to play again!
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