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Temple of Apshai Trilogy

The Temple of Apshai Trilogy is a series of classic role-playing games developed by Automated Simulations (later known as Epyx) in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These games were among the earliest examples of computer-based RPGs and were influential in shaping the genre.
The "Temple of Apshai Trilogy" was notable for its depth of gameplay and intricate dungeon design, despite the limitations of early computer technology. It offered players a rich role-playing experience and laid the groundwork for many RPGs that followed.
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Temple of Apshai Trilogy review

Compute! Gazette Issue 31 (1986) - "For those as yet unfamiliar with the popular Apshai series of fantasy adventure programs for the Commodore 64, this new release from Epyx should be of great interest. Epyx has taken The Temple of Apshai, The Upper Reaches of Apshai, and The Curse of Ra - all previously released separately - and placed them on one disk. The colorful graphics have been noticeably improved, the gameplay is faster, and the accompanying manual is informative and clear. An Apshai Command Card provides a quick reference to all the options within the game as well. There are 12 levels, 568 rooms, and 37 different monsters for you to conquer. Select a character, imbue him or her with varying levels of strength, constitution, dexterity, intelligence, intuition, and ego. Then set forth. There is even a provision for you to bring to the Apshai trilogy a character or characters created on other computer game systems. This is a classic series of computer games made even better."

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Two add-ons to Temple of Apshai were released: Upper Reaches of Apshai and Curse of Ra. Both required the original game and expanded play through the introduction of additional levels, rooms, and monsters. This trilogy was later released as a whole as the The Temple of Apshai Trilogy, which unified look-and-feel while improving both graphics and sound.

Temple of Apshai was followed by several sequels and two expansions. The latter were bundled with the main game into the remake Temple of Apshai Trilogy in 1985.

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Status: abandonware
Input: keyboard
Also published for: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari ST, Atari 8-bit, C64
Abandonware DOS views: 9931
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