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The Magic Candle

The Magic Candle: Volume 1 is the first chapter of a series of fantasy old school RPGs. The Magic Candle was developed and released by Mindcraft Software in 1989 for DOS but was also published for Apple II and Commodore 64. The whole Magic Candle series is very similar to some of the early Ultima games in every aspect: turn-based combat, top-down view open world exploration, party based RPG mechanics.

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The Magic Candle reviews

Abandonware DOS - "It's a pity that I never played The Magic Candle when it was published, in 1989. I'm an Ultima fan and the Magic Candle series is perhaps the most similar old school RPG that I ever saw to some of the Richard Garriott masterpieces. Lately, I dedicated a few hours to Magic Candle and I felt at home: I loved the graphics, the gameplay is familiar and the job mechanic (you can leave members of your party to work for days and gain money and experience) is still something not fully explored in RPGs. Definitely to try if you're an Ultima 4 / 5 fan."

Collector's corner:

Japanese company StarCraft, which specialized in localizing Western CRPGs, ported The Magic Candle to the Japanese PC-9801 computer.

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Also known as: The Magic Candle: Volume 1

Input: keyboard

Also published for: Apple II, Commodore 64

Abandonware DOS views: 13406


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