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UMS: The Universal Military Simulator

UMS, short for Universal Military Simulator, is a computer-based wargame simulation developed by Rainbird Software in 1988. It was designed with the intention of providing players with a comprehensive and realistic military simulation experience.
The game allows players to engage in strategic and tactical warfare across various scenarios and battlefields. Players can control a wide range of military units, including infantry, tanks, aircraft, and naval vessels, and must plan and execute their actions to achieve victory over their opponents.
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Main executable game file: ums/ums.EXE.

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UMS: The Universal Military Simulator reviews

Computer Gaming World (1991): "A wargame design kit, characterized by easy design parameters. However, accuracy is sacrificed for playability, and often playability is sacrificed for graphic display. Maritime operations are ignored, so its universality is not "complete." It will visually impress your friends, although it is clumsy and awkward."

The Games Machine (1988): "Apart from this problem, and other slight graphical differences, the program is still as flexible and powerful in its use as the ST version was. If you're looking for the ultimate wargame on the PC then look no further."


Additional info about UMS: The Universal Military Simulator

Status: abandonware
Input: keyboard
Distributed on: 5,25 floppy disk
Also published for: Amiga, Atari ST
Abandonware DOS views: 9369
Series: UMS: The Universal Military Simulator is part of the UMS series.


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