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Virtual Pool

Virtual Pool is sports game designed by Stephen Chaplin, Lee Morgenstern, developed by Celeris and released by Interplay Productions in 1995. Virtual Pool runs on DOS.

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  • Divarin - 08/03/2020 14:33
    I used to play this game a lot back in the 90's. I recently set up an older PC to play games of this era again and couldn't find my original disk so I downloaded this game from this site and one other site and both versions have an issue where the AI seems stupid and doesn't make any kind of rational shot. I finally found my original disk and it's doing the same thing so I don't know if there's some configuration issue or what. I've tried under dos box on a windows 7 machine and MS Dos 6.22 on a pentium 2 at 300mhz. I distinctly remember the AIs being pretty good with the ones at the top of the AI list being the most stupid and the ones at the bottom being the most intelligent but now no matter what I do it seems like they all just shoot the queue ball in a random direction not aiming for anything.
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