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Volfied is an abandoned action heavily inspired by the classic Qix (draw rectangles in a fixed screen to trap and destroy enemies). Volfied was designed by Fukio Mitsuji, developed by Taito and released by Empire Interactive in 1991 for DOS.

Volfied screenshot
volfied-0004.jpg - DOS
volfied-0001.jpg - DOS
volfied-0002.jpg - DOS
volfied-0003.jpg - DOS
volfied-0005.jpg - DOS
volfied-0006.jpg - DOS
Game modes:
single-player, hotseat
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Main executable file (run this to play the game): volfied/volfied.exe

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Additional info about Volfied

"This is a fine example of taking an old concept (Qix) and designing a remake that builds on the original without missing the point. I'm not fond of arcades, but Volfied was one of my favourite games back in the 90s. The "let's see the next level" mantra pushed me to play Volfied to my best (which wasn't much). When I took the screenshots for Abandonware DOS I couldn't stop playing." - Abandonware DOS

Input: keyboard

Distributed on: 3,5 floppy disk

Abandonware DOS views: 23380


  • acan - 26/03/2023 09:38
    super game
  • kapkap - 29/12/2014 16:39
    This is even better than the original Qix.
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