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Yes, prime minister

Yes, prime minister is an abandoned simulation game designed by John G. Wood, David M. Pringle, Richard L. Yapp, developed by Oxford Digital Enterprises and released by Mosaic Publishing in 1988. Yes, prime minister runs on DOS. Yes, prime minister was based on a TV series. Download the game here.
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Yes, prime minister reviews

"The trouble arises when you have played the game about five times (and it doesn't take long to finish, either). Despite the fact that new scenarios occasionally crop up, the variety steadily grows stale, and the bulk of the game becomes depressingly familiar. What you end up with is an initially enjoyable game, that turns out to be a disappointment. Mosaic reckon you'll want to return to it in much the same way as you would return to a book you've already read. The Pilg is not convinced, and I suspect that this sort of game needs a massive text-database, a 20meg hard disc, and more intelligence to succeed." - ACE Magazine Issue 03 (1987)

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Input: keyboard

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