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Abandonware and retro gaming links

Here's a short list of abandonware and retro gaming sites of all kinds: abandonware collections with games to download, sites dedicated to old applications, newsfeeds, forums and blogs dedicated to the retro gaming world.

I took some time to look for sites useful for collectors like myself. Apparently there isn't a single site dedicated to give detailed info about games like different editions, pictures of the box and the box contents, etc. There are a few sites dedicated to specific companies (Sierra, Infocom, etc.) but I couldn't find anything more comprehensive. To find such info, you can head to Mobygames or the Wikipedia.

Abandonware sites

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Abandonia One of the leading abandonware sites Abandonia
XTC abandonware One of the oldest abandonware sites on the web.
oldgames.sk An abandonware site dedicated to games for DOS, Amiga, Commodore 64, Apple II, Macintosh, Sega Genesis, NES and SNES. oldgames.sk
Free Game Empire
RetroGames.cz RetroGames.cz
The DOS Spirit The DOS Spirit
Squakenet Once was the best abandonware web directory on the web, now it's a compare-the-price service. Squakenet
Abandoned Places Another frequently updated abandonware web directory. Abandoned Places
OldGamesFinder Old and rare games search engine. OldGamesFinder
Robot Ring Robot Ring
AbandonGames AbandonGames

Useful resources for collectors

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The Infocom Cornershop
Infocom Master Storytellers Everything you want to know about Infocom's text adventures.
The Infocom Gallery The entire catalogue of Infocom text adventures.
The Notable Ultima A comprehensive collection of informations about Ultima games.
Magnetic Scrolls Memorial An online memorial dedicated to developer Magnetic Scrolls.
The Level 9 memorial In memory of now defunct adventure games developer Level 9.
Sierra Gamers A site maintained by Ken Williams, founder of Sierra On-Line.
The Sierra Chest
Museo videogiochi di OldGamesItalia

Other sites

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Atari Mania The world's finest Atari database.
Replacementdocs The original web archive of game manuals
VGMaps The video game atlas
Retro Pluggers One of the leading abandonware sites Retro Pluggers
D-Fend reloaded A valid front end for DOSBOX. D-Fend reloaded
DOSBOX This is what you need to run DOS games on modern systems.
Reddit abandonware channel The abandonware channel on Reddit.
Retro Gamer forum Forums of the popular UK retro gaming magazine.