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Shooter video games are all about shooting targets and avoiding being shot down. The kind of game is often defined by the player perspective (FPS stands for First Person Shooter, TPS stands for Third Person Shooter), or by gameplay: shoot'em up, run and gun, shooting gallery.

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Xenon 2000: Project PCF
shooterWindows XP/98/95

Shooter games

  • terminalvelocity-3
    Windows XP/98/95DOSLinuxMac1995protected3.8/5 first-person shooter
  • blasteroids-1
    DOS19893.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • blood-money-3
    DOS19903.8/5 shoot 'em up

    Blood Money is an abandoned classic sci-fi themed side-scrolling shoot'em up. Blood Money was designed by David Jones, developed by DMA Design and released by Psygnosis in 1990 for DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, C64. Blood Money features different vehicles for different levels, power ups and an energy bar that depletes when colliding with enemies or the env...

  • armor-alley-02
    DOSMac19913.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • attack-mutant-camels-03
    DOS2001freewareremake3.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • llamatron-01
    DOS19923.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • terminal-terror-04
    DOS19943.8/5 first-person shooter
  • no-one-lives-forever-06
    Windows XP/98/9520003.8/5 first-person shooter

    The Operative: No One Lives Forever is a first-person shooter with stealth gameplay elements, developed by Monolith Productions and released by Fox Interactive in 2000 for Windows, Mac and PS2. As Cate Archer, a spy working for a secret organization in the 60s, you have to find out who killed your colleagues. No One Lives Forever is the first of th...

  • megaman-1
    DOS19903.8/5 run and gun, platform
  • invasionbatsdoom-1
    DOS19953.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • chopper-duel-01
    DOS1993freeware3.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • night-raid-04
    DOS1992remake3.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • projectx-1
    DOS19943.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • rebel-assault-04
    DOSMac1993protected3.8/5 rail shooter
  • zaxxon-1
    DOS19843.8/5 shoot 'em up

    Zaxxon is a classic arcade video game that was first released by Sega in 1982 for the arcades and later for a number of platforms. It is considered one of the pioneering titles in the shoot 'em up or scrolling shooter genre. Zaxxon was notable for its use of isometric graphics, which gave the game a unique 3D perspective.

  • spacecommanders-1
    DOS1983remake3.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • cosmic-crusader-01
    DOS19823.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • escape-colosso-03
    DOS1997freeware3.8/5 first-person shooter
  • trafficdepartment-4
    DOS1994freeware3.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • magiccarpet-3
    DOSMac1994protected3.8/5 first-person shooter

    Magic Carpet is an action shooter game set in a fictional Middle East developed by Bullfrog and released by Electronic Arts in 1994 for DOS and Macintosh. Your goal is to fly around a magic carpet and collect mana to expand your castle. When you reach the required mana "equilibrium" you move on to the next world and so on.

  • side-arms-02
    DOS19883.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • 18-airborne-03
    DOS19933.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • capone-1
    DOS19883.8/5 shooting gallery
  • catacombabyss-1
    DOS1992protected3.8/5 first-person shooter
  • champ-centipede-03
    DOS1993remake3.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • invaders78-03
    DOS2000freewareremake3.8/5 shoot 'em up
  • secret-agent-escape-02
    DOS19963.8/5 first-person shooter
  • star-trek-combat-arena-04
    DOS19893.7/5 shoot 'em up
  • space_harrier-1
    DOS19893.7/5 rail shooter, third-person shooter

    Space Harrier is a 3rd-person view rail-shooter developed by Sega in 1985. Space Harrier was a hit in the arcades, and later it was converted for a number of platforms, including DOS (4 years later!). The sequels - Space Harrier 3D and Space Harrier II - were never ported to DOS.

  • catacomb-armageddon-03
    DOS1993protected3.7/5 first-person shooter