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The best first person 3D games

Games with first person 3D perspective represent the environment using all three spatial dimensions. The action is seen from a first-person point of view. FPS (First-person shooters) make extensive use of first-person 3D.

Most popular first person 3D games

Virtua Cop 2
shooterWindows XP/98/95
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
rpgWindows XP/98/95

First person 3D games

  • menzoberranzan-3
    DOS1994protected4/5 DreamForge Intertainment

    Menzoberranzan is a old DOS fantasy first person perspective RPG developed by DreamForge Intertainment in 1994 from an original idea by John McGirk. Menzoberranzan setting is based on the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaing setting. Menzoberranzan gameplay is party-based and class-based.

  • fordsimulator-2
    DOS1987freeware4/5 The SoftAd Group
  • no-one-lives-forever-06
    Windows XP/98/9520004/5 Monolith Productions

    The Operative: No One Lives Forever is a first-person shooter with stealth gameplay elements, developed by Monolith Productions and released by Fox Interactive in 2000 for Windows, Mac and PS2. As Cate Archer, a spy working for a secret organization in the 60s, you have to find out who killed your colleagues. No One Lives Forever is the first of th...

  • robocop-3-07
    DOS19924/5 Digital Image Design
  • f14tomcat-1
    DOS19904/5 Dynamix
  • f15strikeeagle-1
    DOS19854/5 MicroProse Software
  • dambusters-1
    DOS19854/5 Sydney Development
  • armoredfist-2
    DOS19944/5 NovaLogic
  • star-crusader-08
    DOS19944/5 Take-Two Interactive

    Star Crusader is an abandoned science fiction first-person 3D space combat simulation, developed by Take-Two Interactive and released by GameTek in 1994 both for DOS and for Amiga platforms. During the game you will have to choose on which side you want to fight: the Gorenes or the rebels. Depending on your choice, you will have different ships ava...

  • corridor-7-03
    DOS1994protected3.9/5 Capstone
  • system-shock-04
    DOS1994protected3.9/5 Looking Glass Studios
  • wingcomacademy-3
    DOS1993protected3.9/5 Origin Systems
  • mechwarrior-2-06
    DOS19953.9/5 Activision
  • gforce-flight-02
    DOS19893.9/5 Simbiosis Interactive
  • ace-of-aces-02
    DOS19873.9/5 Artech Studios
  • under-a-killing-moon-02
    Windows XP/98/95DOSLinuxMac1994protected3.9/5 Access Software
  • Days_of_Thunder-04
    DOS19903.9/5 Argonaut Games
  • 3d-maze-01
    Windows 3.x19913.9/5
  • gunship2000-04
    DOS19913.9/5 MicroProse Software
  • stellar7-5
    DOSMac19903.9/5 Dynamix
  • ef-2000-04
    DOS19953.9/5 Digital Image Design
  • arctic-fox-05
    DOS19873.9/5 Dynamix
  • epic-4
    DOS1992protected3.9/5 Digital Image Design
  • shadowcaster-05
    DOS19933.9/5 Raven Software
  • deepspace-2
    DOS19863.9/5 Lerner Research
  • falcon-4
    DOS1987protected3.9/5 Spectrum Holobyte
  • sargonV-1
    DOS19913.9/5 Activision
  • evasiveaction-1
    DOS19933.9/5 Particle Systems
  • shadow-warrior-1
    DOS1997protected3.9/5 3d Realms
  • archimedean-dinasty-06
    DOS1996protected3.9/5 Massive Development