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The best Engine: Sierra's Creative Interpreter (SCI) games

The Sierra's Creative Interpreter (SCI) engine was a game engine developed by Sierra On-Line, a prominent game developer and publisher in the 1980s and 1990s. SCI was used to create a variety of graphic adventure games, including classics like the King's Quest series, Space Quest series, and Quest for Glory series, among others.

The SCI engine represented a significant advancement in game development technology at the time of its introduction. It allowed for more sophisticated graphics, sound, and user interface elements compared to Sierra's earlier AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter) engine. SCI games typically featured point-and-click interfaces, animated sprites, and sometimes digitized sound effects and speech.


King's Quest 5: Absence makes the heart go yonder

DOSWindows 3.x1990protected3.8/5 Sierra On-Line

Laura Bow 2: The Dagger of Amon Ra

DOSWindows 3.x1992protecteddemo3.7/5 Sierra On-Line
Laura Bow 2: The Dagger of Amon Ra is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Sierra On-Line in 1992. The game is a sequel to The Colonel's Bequest and follows the adventures of the protagonist, Laura Bow, a young investigative journalist.In the game, the Dagger of Amon Ra is a valuable Egyptian artifact rumored to have mystical...

The Island of Dr. Brain

DOS19923.7/5 Sierra On-Line

Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh

Windows XP/98/95DOS1996protected3.5/5 Sierra On-Line

Crazy Nick's Leisure Suit Larry Casino

DOS19923.5/5 Sierra On-Line

Crazy Nick's Parlor Games with Laura Bow

DOS19923.4/5 Sierra On-Line