Abandonware DOS title

Games released in 1987 sorted by rating

  • projectspacestation-2
    DOS19873.9/5 simulation
  • roadwar2000-3
    DOS1987protected3.9/5 strategy
  • anacreon-1
    DOS1987freeware3.9/5 strategy

    Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021 is one of the first 4x turn-based strategy games, ASCII based. Anacreon is set in space, as most 4x sci-fi games are, and was published by Thinking Machines Associates and designed by George Moromisato who later re-released the game as freeware.

  • hardball-1-03
    DOS19873.9/5 sports
  • knightorc-1
    DOSMac19873.8/5 adventure
  • uninvited-win3x-04
    DOSMac19873.8/5 adventure
  • borland-eureka-1-04
    DOS19873.8/5 application
  • mission-mainframe-04
    DOS19873.8/5 rpg
  • bureaucracy-02
    DOSMac19873.8/5 adventure

    Bureaucracy is an abandoned text-adventure game designed by Douglas Adams (yes, the writer of The Hitchhiker Guide of the Galaxy), developed and published by Infocom in 1987. Bureaucracy is a peculiar interactive fiction; the game challenges you to solve frustrating bureaucratic problems in a world populated by strange characters.

  • metropolis-4
    DOS19873.8/5 adventure
  • into-the-eagles-nest-02
    DOS19873.8/5 shooter
  • robotrascals-1
    DOS19873.8/5 strategy
  • starlord-02
    DOS19873.8/5 vehicle simulation
  • crazycars-3
    DOS19873.7/5 racing
  • helisimulator-2
    DOS19873.7/5 vehicle simulation
  • jeopardy-1
    DOS19873.7/5 puzzle
  • marble-madness-03
    DOS19873.7/5 action

    Marble Madness is an abandoned isometric action game designed by Mark Cerny and originally published by Atari as a successful and iconic arcade game. It was later converted for many platform in 1986 and for IBM PCs in 1987 by Atari.

  • goody-01
    DOS19873.7/5 action
  • superbike-challenge-1
    DOS19873.7/5 racing
  • b24-combat-sim-04
    DOS1987protected3.7/5 vehicle simulation
  • blort-03
    DOS19873.7/5 shooter
  • border-zone-01
    DOS19873.7/5 adventure
  • president-elect-02
    DOS1987protected3.7/5 simulation
  • boulder-dash-construction-kit-04
    DOS19873.7/5 puzzle
  • dark-castle-05
    DOS19873.7/5 action
  • gnomeranger-1
    DOS19873.7/5 adventure

    Gnome Ranger is an abandoned fantasy adventure game, developed and published by Level 9 Computing in 1987 for DOS. Gnome Ranger was designed by Peter Austin who also designed the sequel Gnome Ranger 2: Ingrid's Back.

  • pc-globe-01
    DOS19873.7/5 application
  • nethack-2
    DOS1987freeware3.7/5 rpg
  • acheton-01
    DOS19873.7/5 adventure
  • starsaga-1
    DOS19873.6/5 strategy