Abandonware DOS title

The best humor games

What makes you laugh? The LucasArts humor of Monkey Island or the crass jokes of Leisure Suit Larry? Are you a fan of Terry Pratchett's Discworld? Do you prefer the clumsiness of the hero of the Dragon's Lair series? Humor in video games has always been something that gamers appreciated.

Home Alone

DOS19913.9/5 Manley Associates

Boston Bomb Club

DOS19913.9/5 Silmarils

Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon

DOS1993protected3.9/5 Coktel Vision

Wayne's World

DOS19933.9/5 Capstone
Wayne's World is an abandoned point and click adventure game based on the movie of the same name. In Wayne's World you control both the characters of Wayne and Garth (created by Mike Myers and Dana Carvey) in a quest to save their TV show. Wayne's World was developed and released by Capstone in 1993.

The Feeble Files

Windows XP/98/95Mac1997protected3.9/5 Adventure Soft

Theme Park

DOS1994protected3.9/5 Bullfrog


DOS1993protected3.9/5 CTA Developments

Superhero League of Hoboken

DOS1994protected3.9/5 Legend Entertainment

Teen Agent

DOS1995freeware3.9/5 Metropolis Software House

Goblins 3

DOS1994protecteddemo3.9/5 Coktel Vision
Goblins 3 (also known as Goblins Quest 3) is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Coktel Vision. It was released in 1993 as the third installment in the Gobliiins series. The game was created by Pierre Gilhodes and features a unique combination of puzzle-solving and humor.Gameplay in Goblins 3 revolves around controlling a te...


DOSMac19873.9/5 Infocom
Bureaucracy is an abandoned text-adventure game designed by Douglas Adams (yes, the writer of The Hitchhiker Guide of the Galaxy), developed and published by Infocom in 1987. Bureaucracy is a peculiar interactive fiction; the game challenges you to solve frustrating bureaucratic problems in a world populated by strange characters.

Circus Attractions

DOS19893.9/5 Golden Goblins

Gnome Ranger 2: Ingrid's Back

DOS19883.8/5 Level 9 Computing

Curse of Enchantia

DOS19923.8/5 Core Design
Curse of Enchantia is a point-and-click graphic adventure game that was released in 1992. It was developed by Core Design and initially published by Core Design in Europe and by Cyberdreams in North America.In Curse of Enchantia, players control a teenage boy named Brad who is mysteriously transported to the fantasy world of Enchantia. The game fol...

The Simpsons

DOS19913.8/5 Konami

Sam and Max Hit the Road

DOSWindows XP/98/95LinuxMac1993protecteddemo3.8/5 LucasArts
Sam & Max Hit the Road is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by LucasArts. It was released in 1993 and is based on the characters Sam and Max created by comic artist Steve Purcell. The game follows the titular characters, Sam, a detective canine, and Max, a hyperkinetic rabbity thing, as they embark on a bizarre and humoro...

Spy vs Spy 3: Arctic Antics

DOS19883.8/5 First Star Software

Altered Destiny

DOS1990protected3.8/5 Accolade
Altered Destiny is a sci-fi themed point and click adventure game designed by Michael Berlyn, developed and released by Accolade in 1990. Altered Destiny runs on DOS but was also published for Amiga.

BC Racers

DOS1995freeware3.8/5 Core Design
BC Racers is a DOS unconventional (to say the least) racing game that features a prehistoric theme, designed by Martin Gibbons, developed and published by Core Design in 1955. It's the third game in the Chuck Rock series, the first two being platformers not available for PC.

Monty Python's Flying Circus

DOS19913.8/5 Core Design

Ghostbusters 2

DOS19893.8/5 Dynamix
Ghostbusters 2 is an abandoned action game based on the movie of the same name, set in New York. Ghostbusters 2 was developed by Dynamix and released by Activision in 1989. It's part of a series of games based on the popular Ghostbuster franchise, being the olny one developed for DOS.

Krusty's Super Funhouse

DOS19933.8/5 Audiogenic
Krusty's Super Funhouse is an abandoned action game developed by Audiogenic and released by Acclaim Entertainment in 1993 for DOS and for many other platforms, both consoles and home computers. Krusty's Super Funhouse is based on the popular character from The Simpson animated TV series.

The Gene Machine

DOS19963.8/5 Divide by zero


DOS19883.8/5 Magnetic Scrolls

Nippon Safes, Inc.

DOS1992freeware3.7/5 Dynabyte


DOSWindows XP/98/95LinuxMac1996protected3.7/5 LucasArts
Afterlife is a simulation strategy game developed and published by LucasArts. It was released in 1996 for Microsoft Windows and later made available on other platforms. The game was designed by Michael Stemmle and was known for its unique take on the simulation genre.Afterlife puts players in the role of a semi-divine being responsible for developi...

Dragon's Lair

DOS1989protected3.7/5 Sullivan Bluth Interactive Media

Fuck Quest


Gnome Ranger

DOS19873.7/5 Level 9 Computing
Gnome Ranger is an abandoned fantasy adventure game, developed and published by Level 9 Computing in 1987 for DOS. Gnome Ranger was designed by Peter Austin who also designed the sequel Gnome Ranger 2: Ingrid's Back.