Abandonware DOS title

The most popular abandonware adventure games

Adventure games focus on cracking enigmas and exploring and contemplating the game world in a narrative-driven scenario. In order to progress within the story arc, the player has to interact with different items, the environment itself, and other non-playing characters (NPC in short).

Full Throttle

DOS1995protecteddemo4.1/5 point and click adventure

Legend of Kyrandia 3: Malcolm's Revenge

DOSMac OS1994protecteddemo4.1/5 point and click adventure
The Legend of Kyrandia: Malcolm's Revenge is the third and final installment in the Legend of Kyrandia series. This point-and-click adventure game was developed and published by Westwood Studios, released in 1994. Unlike the first two games, where players assumed the role of a protagonist fighting against the villain Malcolm, Malcolm's Revenge take...


Windows XP/98/95Mac OSDOS1993demoNSFW4/5 interactive movie

Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon

Windows XP/98/95DOSLinuxMac OS1994protected4/5 point and click adventure

Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True

DOS19873.8/5 point and click adventure

EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

DOS19934/5 point and click adventure

Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy

Windows XP/98/95Mac OS1999protected4/5 puzzle adventure
Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy is a fantasy/steampunk adventure video game developed by Virtual Studio and released by Microids in 1999 for Windows, Mac and Playstation platforms. Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy is an adventure video game developed by Microïds and released in 1999. The game was created by Benoît Sokal, a Belgi...


DOS19893.9/5 point and click adventure

Innocent Until Caught

DOS19934.1/5 point and click adventure

Laura Bow 2: The Dagger of Amon Ra

DOSWindows 3.x1992protecteddemo3.7/5 point and click adventure
Laura Bow 2: The Dagger of Amon Ra is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Sierra On-Line in 1992. The game is a sequel to The Colonel's Bequest and follows the adventures of the protagonist, Laura Bow, a young investigative journalist.In the game, the Dagger of Amon Ra is a valuable Egyptian artifact rumored to have mystical...

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

DOS1989protecteddemo4.2/5 point and click adventure
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure is a point-and-click adventure game released in 1989 by Lucasfilm Games. The game was designed by Ron Gilbert, David Fox, and Noah Falstein. It is based on the 1989 film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", directed by Steven Spielberg.The game follows the plot of the movie closely and incl...

Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!

DOSWindows 3.x1993protectedNSFW4/5 point and click adventure

EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus

DOS19914.1/5 point and click adventure


DOS19924.1/5 point and click adventure

Police Quest 3: The Kindred

DOS1991protected4/5 point and click adventure

Altered Destiny

DOS1990protected3.8/5 point and click adventure, graphic adventure with text parser
Altered Destiny is a sci-fi themed point and click adventure game designed by Michael Berlyn, developed and released by Accolade in 1990. Altered Destiny runs on DOS but was also published for Amiga.

Once Upon a Forest

DOS19953.9/5 point and click adventure

The adventures of Willy Beamish

DOS19914/5 point and click adventure

The Crack of Doom

DOS19893.7/5 interactive fiction

Hugo's House of Horrors

DOS19903.9/5 graphic adventure with text parser
Hugo's House of Horrors is an adventure game developed by David P. Gray and released in the early 1990s. The game is a text-based adventure with simple graphics, and it gained popularity for its witty and often tongue-in-cheek approach to the horror genre.The story of the game revolves around the main character, Hugo, who receives a letter from his...

A Mind Forever Voyaging

DOSMac OS19854.1/5 interactive fiction


DOS19954.2/5 point and click adventure


Windows XP/98/951998protected4/5 point and click adventure

Planet of Lust

DOS1989NSFW4.2/5 graphic adventure with text parser

B.A.T. 2 : The Koshan Conspiracy

DOS19924.2/5 point and click adventure

King's Quest 6: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

DOSWindows 3.x1992protected4.2/5 point and click adventure

Deja Vu 2: Lost in Las Vegas

DOS19904.2/5 point and click adventure

Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon

DOSMac OS1989protected3.9/5 point and click adventure

The Black Cauldron

DOS1986freeware3.8/5 graphic adventure with text parser